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Years of rising house prices mean that despite the slump after the financial crisis, property investors who bought years ago are still sitting on large capital gains. Rising rents have also boosted returns in recent years.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a buy to let landlords or you have many years’ experience, the chances are you will need professional buy to let investment advice and mortgage finance services and that’s where we come in, we can help you get more out of buy to let.

The business of getting a buy-to-let mortgage can take time and needs thorough research. You also need to factor in the safety checks that must be passed before you can legally start taking in tenants.

With the only one way house prices can travel in the decades ahead which is why we believe it is good news to invest in property. And if capital values are set to rise over the long term, what about rental income returns?

Did you know the majority of buy to let mortgages are only available via brokers. Whether you want to buy or remortgage, we have access to the whole market, let us find the right buy to let mortgage for you. We are very proud of our independence. Not being tied to any mortgage providers or insurers.

So get it touch now. We always strive to offer excellent service to all our clients, whatever the size of their investments. All our recommendations are down what’s best for you and what you’re trying to achieve.

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