Yes you can remortgage your home or even an existing buy to let property to buy second property or to develop your portfolio. 


We are constantly asked for advice by borrowers on what they should do when it comes to mortgages. Buy to let can be a great investment opportunity, but finding the right mortgage for this purpose requires specialist advice. 

With interest rates currently at an all-time low and with house prices rising, you may want to consider buying a second property. One way of raising the deposit may be by remortgage your home to buy second property to release equity tied up in your home. But it doesn’t stop there, if you have an existing property portfolio. You may want to take advantage of better interest rates and release capital to expand your portfolio. 

It is important that you seek independent financial advice as it is highly unlikely that one lender will offer the best deal in both areas you to find the best rates from the whole market. 

Why not find out what is the best mortgage options for you so contact us today.

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