Like all pensions, a SIPP offers up to 45% tax relief on contributions and there is no UK capital gains tax or further UK income tax to pay. The tax benefits will depend on your individual circumstances and tax rules are subject to change by the government.


However, whereas traditional pensions typically limit investment choice to a shorter list of funds, normally run by the pension company's own fund managers, a SIPP lets you invest almost anywhere you like and choose your own investments.

So you can have a buy-to-let property in a SIPP Landlords would need to swap property for shares and then put the shares into a SIPP as contributions to a SIPP, attract tax relief at your highest rate.

For basic-rate taxpayers, your will automatically claim 20% tax relief on your contributions. This boosts, say, an £80 contribution to £100. Higher-rate taxpayers can claim extra relief through their tax returns, potentially reducing the cost of a £100 pension contribution to as little as £55.

The proceeds can then grow tax-free inside this tax shelter, rolling up tax-free dividends and capital gains over the years ahead.

Landlords who own buy-to-let properties via limited companies can avoid the usual corporation tax of 20% charged on capital gains by exchanging their company shares for trust shares. These share swaps do not trigger CGT, so landlords can defer this tax bill until they later sell their REIT shares. In addition, since there is no CGT to pay on share exchanges, the trust will pay 'above market value' for limited companies acquired through such swaps.





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