Small self-administered pension schemes (SSAS) are set up to provide pension benefits for a small number of an individual and their family members.


The benefit of Small self-administered pension scheme is that it can offer increased flexibility on where the scheme’s assets can be invested. This can include investing in property.

A Small self-administered pension schemes can be used for the purchase of commercial property, which in turn can be used by the company, since it’s considered to be a separate entity from the membership. The property in question cannot be owned by another, who is part of the scheme.

A Small self-administered pension schemes can also borrow money, subject to terms and conditions, for investment purposes. No more that 45% of the market value of the property, plus 3x annual contributions from employer, plus 3x member contributions on an annual basis. The Small self-administered pension scheme must exclude the value of assets set aside for the death of member or retirement of member.

A Small self-administered pension schemes can make loans, using the funds in the scheme.





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